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    I'm loving the NodeManager for my temperature, humidity and repeater nodes. I've just built a battery power meter node and noticed some weird behavior. I'm using the latest version 1.7.

    The pulse sensor can interrupt < 1 second. That is to say, the pulse frequency can be less than 1 second at certain periods of the day. I find that I can't get the sensor to report because the node interrupts and then sleeps and then interrupts again before the sleep expires and wakes to send the report. So in the debug, all you see is the interrupt processing and never a send.

    Just for debug, I've set both the sleep and report interval to 1 second and I've seen this behavior. What I would like to do is to set the sleep and report interval to 5 minutes, but I don't think that it would ever report.

    Any thoughts?

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    @simbo is this by chance happening because while the node is going to sleep or resume from it the interrupt is lost or because when the value of the interrupt is checked (HIGH or LOW) it is already back to the original value and so the change is not detected? Just trying to understand better, for sure I've never run a test with interrupts in less than one second so this is potentially a bug. Also, any code you can share would help in debugging the issue. Thanks!

  • Does your power meter node have a temperature sensor as well? If so, it smells like a similar problem i've reported here

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