How many servers in the network?

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    How many MySensor servers are allowed in the network?

    I have added a server to an existing working installation on a different channel and now it seems nothing is working!!

    Both servers are RPi based and the original one was an ethernet based one and worked fine.

    I have changed both servers to be MQTT and they are based on 2.3 development branch. I've also changed all nodes (there is only 3 of them) to a fixed Node_ID.

    I will post logs etc if someone can indicate whether multiple servers are valid. I thought it would be OK based on the use of a separate RF channel but I think the problem might lie in the routing table and it's interaction with the MQTT server. In other words there are two Node 0's in the network.

    Thoughts anyone.

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    @pgv said in How many servers in the network?:

    How many MySensor servers are allowed in the network?

    In MySensors-world there are nodes, gateways and controllers. Nodes and gateways contain MySensors software, controllers are third-party.
    As you are talking about different channels, I assume you built another gateway.
    Make sure all nodes which should be talking to a certain gateway share the same settings with that gateway (channel, base-ID), or they will not be able to communicate.
    As you're using MQTT you should also use separate MQTT base topics for each gateway, or both gateways will write to the same topics.

  • Thanks Yveaux

    Yes I definitely built another MySensors gateway...trying to access a back shed with a metal just not making it.

    I attempted to create separate mqtt devices in Home Assistant (controller I am using) under the MySensors gateway component but it complains.

    Do you have any suggestions there?

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Hi Yveaux

    It's all OK .... just a little YAML format problem with HA. Seems to be OK now.

    Thanks again for your help


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