My MuliSensor Build (Motion, Relay, Air, Temp. Humidity and Light)

  • Hi there,
    I just want to show my project. It's a multi sensor for my home automation.

    Why did I start this project?
    Simply because my girls don't turn off the light in their bedroom. 

    So the idea was born but now …how to do it. !??!
    I’m already a proud owner of a 433 MHZ home automation system.
    I knew that 433 MHz wasn’t the right way to attack this problem but after asking Google for a solution I found the website of MySensor.
    This could solve the problem of the light switch and daughters.
    Ordered some parts from China (Yes I’m Dutch so it should be cheap) and let’s go.

    Building MySensor Gateway……Check
    Pimatic Setup…….Check
    Soldering components……. Check
    Mechanical work……Check.
    Programming/Reading code Arduino…..No Check.

    Okay a new challenge is born but also this hurdle can be taken. Udemy and my college were my friends. It took me a while to get it all together but the sensor came alive.
    You start with just a simple light on/off switch but… Hmmm….

    If there is enough light you don’t need to turn on the light (Lux Sensor added) ?
    If there is motion you can turn the light on automatically (Motion sensor added)?
    So let’s also monitor the humidity and temperature in the room (DTH-22 added).
    What about the air in the room smoke, CO and quality? (MQ-2 added).
    It’s all in one box ( DS-18b20 Temperature sensor added).

    And almost forgot to mention the reason why this project began… the light switch.
    It’s now a relay with two coils latched. , the reason for this is it saves current through the coil of the relay.

    The next project is creating a PCB which I have done 30 years ago. Found a program called Eagle and the result is in tje pictures below.0_1522691770955_MyPCB_MyMultiSensor.jpg

    To all.... Have fun building your sensor. i know I did.

    Best regard


    Please comment on improvements. 0_1522691381092_IMG_0652.JPG

  • Mod

    how did you handle the CO sensor in code?

  • good, I'm with the code, I can not find that when it detects movement the relay
    very very successful

  • @datim69 welcome aboard the mysensors team

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