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  • Hello all,

    Currently i am working on a project My project deals with accelerometer sensor for motion or movement detection


    I would like to place the acceleormeter sensor under the Road Curb Ramp Speed Breaker (Speed bumps or speed breakers are the common name for a family of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions.) to detect if a vehicle is moving or passing above the road curb the accelerometer must react and communicate with raspberry pi to trigger an alaram or to trigger the camera

    could some one help me in giving any sort of inputs to get the cheap and best sensor

  • Hello and welcome to the forum @777upender

    Could you tell us what's your research on the topic so far? Which sensors have caught your eye and what strengths drawbacks they have in regard of your project? I'd be happy to offer my 2 cents worth in helping you narrow down the choice or add recommendations of my own to that list.

  • Hello,

    i caught with different types of accelerometer sensors

  • Do you have any sensor names you have looked at? So we could take a look at them and offer our advice?

  • And what are the benefits/drawbacks of the sensor in regards of your project? So we could get a better picture of what kind of limits your project puts on the selection.
    For instance, does it not do what you need, is it not precise enough, is it too expensive?

  • In our area such "speed bumps" are made of asphalt. Is this this the type of structure you are trying to sense a vehicle on?

    If so, I would suggest looking at large metal detectors. In the past I've seen articles on how to construct one for a driveway, however I don't recall the source. In addition, the coil needed for metal detection would be much more robust that putting an active device out in the roadway.

    I'm curious on how you plan to install your device.

  • Didn't test this, but using a vibration sensor (modules are available under the namee "SW-420 Vibration Tilt Sensor Alarm" at big market places) might also be an option. Should provide digital and/or analog signals.

    Best success with your project!

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