Node and Sensor Name In Eeprom

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    Hello, I was wondering, any one storing the Node And Sensor Names for presentation in the Eeprom? That would be useful to have a generic sketch file and reuse the name on the Eeprom, that could be updated (MQTT for example?). This way the Controllers (mycontroller for example) would recognize the name and display it. Much easier to identify the nome if it displays form example "Light Switch Hall" that a generic "Light Switch" that is repeated in all nodes. And would avoid having to rename all the sketch to contemplate the name.

    Thank You

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    the problem is that the sensor names are assigned by the controller, nodes just present the sensor type and type of variable used.There is no real added benefit to add that information on node's eeprom since the controller can just assign a friedlier name

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    @gohan it depends, for example the MyController uses the name of the presentation, and if you rename it it overwrite when the node restarts. When I check my list to, for example, update the firmware, I have to recall (or consult excel) to see what is the node id of the node that I want to update.

  • @soloam OK, so in the end this seems to be a problem related to that particular controller software. Imo it would be better to address this issue by enhancing the controller software towards a more constant handling of added infos from user side like renaming devices rather than using the limited space on the mcu to store info not needed by other controllers.

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