Relays not working through MySensors Relay, MQTT, and Openhab

  • Hey guys, so got my first couple DHT11 sensors working perfectly with my RPI Gatewy , Arduino Nano v3 attached to a NRF24 network with MQTT sending updates to openhab.

    Now i'm trying to play around and learn the MySensors Relay Code found in to connect my 2 channel relay to and turn the relays on and off through MQTT.

    I have my Node set to 3 (as this is going to be my third device), and my "NUMBER_OF_RELAYS" set to 2. It boots up perfectly, and tarts talking to the MQTT broker fine, I see messages coming through MQTT.fx . I can send and recieve MQTT requests and they will chage in the MQTT.fx program


    First: "mysensors-out/3/255/0/0/18" outputs "2.2.0" - guessing this is the MySensors Version
    Second: "mysensors-out/3/255/3/0/6" outputs "0" - which i have no idea what that is for
    Third : "mysensors-out/3/255/3/0/11" - outputs "Relay" - This is written in the code
    Fourth: "mysensors-out/3/255/3/0/12" - outputs "1.0"- This also written in the code
    Fifth: "mysensors-out/3/1/0/0/3" this has no output
    Sixth: "mysensors-out/3/2/0/0/3" this has no output

    I am guessing that the last two are the relays with no output.

    I have tried to use MQTT to turn on the relay 1 and 2 and the output does not work. In openhab i am using:

    Switch MQTTRelayOne "MQTT Test Switch 1 [%s]" (gRelay) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/1/0/0/3:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/1/0/0/3:command:OFF:0]"}

    Switch MQTTRelayTwo "MQTT Test Switch 2 [%s]" (gRelay) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/1/0/0/3:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/2/0/0/3:command:OFF:0]"}

    This shows it is taking the changes in openhab log and also in MQTT.fx it is also changing the values from 0>1 and 1>0 respectivaly when turning the switch from ON to OFF and OFF to ON . But none of the relays are turning on or off.

    Am I missing something, or am I doing this completely wrong?

    Thanks for any help!

  • @fals3illusion said in Relays not working through MySensors Relay, MQTT, and Openhab:

    I think you have the MQTT-messages wrong.
    Try this: (I left out the curls and other stuff. That syntax is correct)
    for relay 1
    mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/1/1/0/2:command:ON:1 and then /3/1/1/0/2:command:OFF/0

    for relay 2 it should be:
    mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/2/1/0/2:command:ON:1 and then /3/2/1/0/2:command:OFF/0
    The message structure is:
    /node-id/child-id/command which in this case is 1=set/ack=0/type which in this case is 2=V_STATUS The payload is then either 1 or 0 just as you have it translated from ON and OFF

    What I think confused you is that when the relay is presenting the command type is 0 and the presentation type is 3 S_BINARY, whereas when setting the relay, the command type is 1 and the set type is 2 V_STATUS

    Have a look at the Serial protocol definition under the Download/API section. The blue box. Then it will become much more clear I hope.

  • i don't know why this didnt post...

    After hours and hours of sifting through the forums and stuff i found this gem i did not know existed!

    The correct syntax for my application was :
    Switch MQTTRelayOne "MQTT Test Switch 1 [%s]" (gMQTTRelays) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/1/1/0/2:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/1/1/0/2:command:OFF:0]"}
    Switch MQTTRelayTwo "MQTT Test Switch 2 [%s]" (gMQTTRelays) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/2/1/0/2:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:mysensors-in/3/2/1/0/2:command:OFF:0]"}

    Mods you can delete this, or hopefully someone like me could use this when searching!

  • @bgunnarb

    You are right, I'm very new to my sensors and didn't see the protocol definition page and now it makes a lot more sense now that I found that page!

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