I encounter OTA MYSBootloader problems

  • Hello!!
    I managed with some time doing OTA updates of a node using MYSBootloader, and after some tests, OTAs work.

    The node in question is a 5v pro-mini arduino with RF24 radio

    But I'm having problems now, I noticed that the node, followed by some power failures and as if he lost the sketc, and then I have to reload the sketch via FTDI.

    In addition now on this node, once the sketch is reloaded I am no longer able to do the OTA update via MYSController connected to a serial gateway.

    In addition I wanted to ask for a clarification, for an Arduino Pro-Mini 5v at 16Mhz, the fuses with AVRDUDESS must be set as follows:

    L = 0xFF
    H = 0xDA
    E = 0x06

  • @sindrome73 Hello!! after many tests maybe I could solve the problem, but now I have another question.
    So I discovered that the problem that OTAQs did not work is because I changed the default Radio channel of mysensors for RF24 radios

    Now my question and this, you can use a different channel for OTA updates, if you like ??

  • @sindrome73

    Now my question and this, you can use a different channel for OTA updates, if you like ??

    I do not see why you cannot use different channel for OTA. Maybe @tekka can confirm it please?

  • No for OTA the Defaul channel and 76, the one with which and by default MYSENSORS, you should change it to MYSController, but I do not know how to do it !!
    I also sent a message to the TEKKA user who invented MYSController, but I did not get an answer !!
    If someone knows how to do it ?? It would give us a great help ....

  • The use of channel 76 for OTA updates is hard-coded in MYSBootloader. You can’t get round this by changing anything in your controller.

    You can either take the easy route and change your MySensors network back to that channel, or you can learn how to compile MYSBootloader from source, which would allow you to create and burn version for your chosen channel.

    There are pointers in these forums to how to set about doing that. It’s not particularly hard but how long it would take you and whether you’ll find it worthwhile depends on your current level of knowledge.

  • @fac13 I looked a little bit the problem is not MYSbootloader, because if I have seen well, it has a configuration files where you go to Change the channel !!
    The problem is the .HEX files that you go to put in the IDE of Arduiono and that write the new BootLoader on Arduino, these predispose the channel 76 in reception, and here the problem .....
    In addition, as already mentioned, I noticed that the arduino of which you change the Bootloader have problems when you remove the power and put it back .... Many times they lose the sketch

  • @sindrome73 You say you don't think the problem is with MYSbootloader, and you think the problem is with the .HEX files that write the new Bootloader.

    Those .HEX files are MYSbootloader. Channel 76 is hard-coded in them.

    You can’t get round this by changing anything in your controller.

    If you want to create and load MYSbootloader .HEX files for a different channel then you need to modify the configuration files you mention, then compile new .HEX files.

    That is not a simple task, it involves multiple steps including the installation of various tools.

    My advice would be to get FOTA working using the default channel 76 before trying anything else.

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