Controller for storing and displaying raw data from sensors

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    I'm currently using MYsensors with Domoticz, which is a great controller. But I'd like to be able to store all datas coming from some sensors and displaying them (as graph or at least table) : I don't think Domoticz is suitable for that because it's averaging values over time, so it's difficult to do fine analysis of datas received or to analyse them a long after (I don't care about volume of stored data).
    For instance, I'd like to visualize radio signal strengths when I move a sensor... but I couldn't find how to do it with Domoticz if I don't have the arduino software conected to gateway with its serial monitor (well, there's way y clicking on settings of the hardware device in domoticz and showing childs then their values, but it requires to be permanently in fron of screen and I can't look at historical data..)

    Any idea on which controller I could use or also how to do it with Domoticz ?


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    @ricorico94 store data in influxdb, graph it using grafana and optionally use node-red to simultaneously use domoticz with influxdb. Search this website, it has quite some discussions on these topics.

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