Nodes communicates to/from gw, only while no controller is running

  • Good morning everybody,
    I uploaded skecthes on my nodes and gateway.
    I tested NRF04L01+ communication by arduino serial monitor and they send and receive messages from/to each other very well.
    But while running a controller they don't communicates:
    I tested them using HomeAssistant (sensor finds parent node (gw), no more than that) and Domoticz (sensor finds parent (gw), sometimes it's able to send data to controller).

    I'm using MySensors lib v. 2.3.0 and I set low baudrate (19200) to exclude hi-speed related problems in 3v3 mini-pro board (sensor is 3v3, gw is 5v).

    Can you help me? thanks

  • I made some tries with 115200 and 38400 too... Results are the same! and using MySensors library 2.2.0, too! and using OpenHab too!
    While not connected to controllers... no NACK messages, every send messages got OK... and sensors don't lose gw connection (no continuos FPAR messages)...

    This is sensor log taken by Arduino IDE serial monitor (gw is connected to openhab):
    Two loop runs:

    • in first loop one value reached gw (temperature one), 2nd and 3rd value had NACK.
    • in 2nd loop no value reached gw (all have NACK).
      This behavior is quite usual, and it happens as soon as booted and while running for time..
      Even initial presentation gets "NACK"...

    Temperature: 20.20 *C
    Humidity: 59.20%
    Heat Index: 19.82 *C
    Temperature: 20.20 *C
    Humidity: 59.00%
    Heat Index: 19.82 *C

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