Neato Botvac Connected Series SetConfig commands.

  • Re: Hacking a Neato Robotics BotVac Connected

    Inspired by this, i´m interested about why these SetConfig command´s aren´t studied better? I know the work on XV series and not on Botvac series, because Botvac has QNX OS.

    I'm particularly interested about VacuumPwr and BrushSpeed commands. They dont give any errors when giving those commands to robot, but when checking with GetVersion, they wont save or apply at all.

    I'm also interested about Botvac D:s, Connected and Connected D3,D5 and D7 NeatoControl detailed GetVersion logs. If someone has them, please share. (you can delete user id:s and serials) I already have Connected and Connected D5 logs. It would be interested to Spoof robot model from D3 to D5, maybe even D7 to see what happens with updater. Or from Botvac D to Botvac Connected (i know the normal D doesnt have the WiFi chip on board, just the solder spots for it.)

    Also, does someone know what chip model the firmware is stored at (NAND), i didnt looked that when i disassembled my robots.

    I have couple of NAND readers available, so it could be interested to do some reads from them if they are compatible.

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