2.3.0 Ack example...

  • Hi,

    I just spent 3 hours looking at various posts on the implementation of ack within mysensors and now I only have a headache to show for it! 😉

    So my issue is that some nodes randomly don't get data to the controller. Sometimes its just one missed message, sometimes the whole node seems not to send and often this can last for hours before returning to normal.

    So I was thinking that if I can get an ack response from the GW (the nodes already ask for this) - then how do I test for this and re-send the message if no ack is received?

    A lot of posts on this subject are from 2 or 3 years ago and I wonder if things might not have changed in 2.3.0

    So, is there an example anywhere that might help my nodes re-send on ack failure with 2.3.0?


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    @skywatch no, nothing has changed. Since you've read the existing threads you already have a good view of the confusion and complexity.

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