diagram of MQTT Gateway and MQTT Broker in the overall scheme of things ?

  • Hi,
    I noticed this tutorial here and I don't really understand how all these components work together and what's their role.

    Could anybody explain ? A diagram would help tremendously, if there is one..

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    Hi @sionut

    If you haven't already, read through the getting started guide. It explains the MySensors components. A mqtt broker can be inserted between a MySensors gateway and a controller, but a mqtt broker is not necessary for MySensors to work.

  • Does this mean that I don't need a gateway at all ? Or you meant that I don't necessarily need an mqtt gateway in particular ?

  • You definitely need a gateway, it's the only way of connecting the RF24 (or whatever radio you are using) world to the IP/PC world.

    That gateway can either be serial or mqtt.

    I for one use mqtt for everything but it's not mandatory.

  • Perfect. It's clean now. (an MQTT gateway is what I need too)

    One more question: what kind of radio are you using ? The tutorial page for the ethernet gateway mentions RF24, but I understood from other members in the forum (example) that the RF24 doesn't have a very strong signal and that I should use RFM69 instead. However, since I'm a noob on this part, I'm not sure if it's so easy to replace one component with the other.

  • @sionut
    I have just got up and running with a serial (USB) gateway (No MQTT) and 1 sensor. Domoticz detected everything straight away!!!
    I'm using 2.4 radios as they are cheap to start with.

    I also have parts to build an ethernet gateway.

    I am still trying to understand what the benefits are of adding in MQTT. Possibly to use with other non mysensors devices e.g. ESP8266?

  • @grumpazoid I guess it depends on your controller choice. If you are a domoticz user and it works without mqtt I wouldn't do anything else.

    In OpenHAB there are no bindings/connections to mysensors so you have to use MQTT. I'm also a big fan of MQTT and I use it for all kind of connections: vacuum cleaners, owntracks, transmission api, etc.

  • @guillermo-schimmel I have had a look at openHAB but it took me half a day to work out how to get it to send an email. Domoticz seems somewhat easier for a beginner like me. I also like the way it has user accounts built in.

    I must say I like the idea of communication with a vacuum cleaner. Maybe I need to get that dust sensor ordered?

  • It is indeed a little more complex than other solutions, but on the long run I like it because it is so powerfull and stable.

    That is another advantadge of MQTT also. You can kind of isolate your devices from the controller. So if I in the future I get tired of openhab, or -hope not- they abandon the development, I could just integrate all the devices over mqtt.

    But whatever works its the best solution! Good luck with domoticz!

    P.S. if you want to take a look, here is my vacuum cleaner interface, I'm sure it works perfectly for domoticz


  • Thanks...it is starting to make a bit more sense of why I may want to use MQTT.
    Your Vacuum project looks great.

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