Arduino minimum hw requirements (Nano problems)

  • What is the smallest / weakest Arduino model recommended for NodeManager?

    I am using Arduino Nano V3-s but I get code-size errors at sketch uploading after activating 3 sensor types (Relay, Light-LDR and Dallas Temp) + some features (Debugging, Configuration, Receive, Conditional Report) with NodeManager 1.7.

    Are Arduino Nano and Pro Mini recommended/supported by NodeManager?

    In addition to the others, I would like to activate Eeprom, Ota_Configuration and Hooking features.

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    Hi, despite the continuous effort to make NodeManager small in size to fit into any board, when there are a few sensors registered and/or features enabled you can have issues to fit the board's memory. I'm running most of the tests on Pro Mini boards so with the same memory layout of your Nano to put myself in a worst case scenario but especially when using sensors requiring external libraries, the memory consumption could become an issue. Start by disabling NodeManager debug once you trust your code enough as a starting point but if you need all of those features all together you may also consider a board with more memory available. Thanks!

  • @user2684
    Thanks for your answer.

    I will check out other boards and experiment with disabling debug.

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