Cant set static node ID above 254

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    I have several mysensors running and reporting to my openhab over serial. I made node ID ranges for every room in the house. been running without a problem for more than a year now. Now i wanted to add some motion sensors to my openhab for the driveway (node ID range 290-310). The first 5 ID's are ment for temp/hum/light/digIn nodes. I wanted to use 295-300 for motion detector nodes. But when i compile my firmware with MY_NODE_ID 295 i see in serial monitor the node got static ID 39? Seems like this happens to any ID above 254. Am I limited to 254 nodes + GW? because if so i have to do a lot of reprogramming in open hab.☹

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    @jimmy-loyens yes, MySensors supports a maximum of 254 nodes in one MySensors network.

    If you need more nodes, you can create a new gateway on a different radio channel.
    From the getting started guide:

    A MySensor radio network can consist of up to 254 different radio nodes and each radio node can report data for 254 attached child sensors. This means that you can, in theory, manage data for up to 64516 sensors in a single radio network. If this isn't enough, you can create another parallel radio network on a different channel and there are 126 available channels [NRF24L01+].

    Could you describe you setup? I haven't heard anyone getting close to the limit before, so it would be really cool if you could share what you have built. Or is it the static ranges the only reason you need more numbers?

  • @mfalkvidd hi, i'm building a home automation system with mysensors, openhab, milight, .... . Like most people who use mysensors i guess. Most of my node id's aren't populated yet. But when i started out i devised a table with node id ranges. One range for every room. To be shure i went ahaid and reserved 20 id's per range. Just so i wouldn't run out of id's in the future, since this looks to be a never ending project. I reserved the higher ranges for zones outside and since up untill now i had no sensors outside i didn't notice my ranges where to high. Now i rewrote my range table so i have 17 id's per zone (should be more then enough) and rooms like toilet only 4 id's (right, like i was going to put 20 sensors in my toilet 👌 😁 ). So everything should be fine. I spend today recoding openhab and flashing nodes. Everything is running like it should again and even found some typos.

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    Great work @jimmy-loyens, thanks for sharing

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