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    As tanning salon owner we will need to get a skin sensor to determine what skintype the person has, at this moment the person needs to fill out a form, you'll get points for each type of answer and then you're skin type is determined based on the Fitzpatrick scale (Skin Type 1 , 2 , 3, 4)

    At this very moment there are currently 2 types of skin sensors going on the market:
    Derma med3 from the company Holtkamp (https://www.holtkamp.de/sun-and-skin-uv-measurement-systems/derma-med3-control/)

    And Courage Mexameter (https://www.courage-khazaka.de/en/scientific-products/all-products/16-wissenschaftliche-produkte/alle-produkte/169-mexameter-e)

    At this very moment I have a DEESS skin sensor, but I need to make it compatible with my software in c# and .net, and I don't know the protocols for the DEESS sensor

    These products measurement principle are absorption/reflection from UV light,
    The probe of the Mexameter® MX 18 emits three specific light wavelengths. A receiver measures the light reflected by the skin. As the quantity of emitted light is defined, the quantity of light absorbed by the skin can be calculated. The melanin is measured by two specific wavelengths (red: 660 nm and infrared: 880 nm) chosen to correspond to different absorption rates by the pigments. For the erythema measurement two specific wavelengths are used (green: 568 nm and red: 660 nm), corresponding to the spectral absorption peak of haemoglobin and to avoid other colour influences

    I saw these modules: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14351 , https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14347

    Do you guys think this would be possible ? Thinking of 3D printing a probe and holder.

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    @teecee1337 hi, and welcome to the forum!
    As the proof of the pudding is in the reading I would order some sensors and just give it a try.
    The sparkfun sensors seem easy to get started.
    They communicate through i2c and come with an Arduino library so it should be easy to get some readings out.

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