Sonoff Th16 switch and temp sensor issues

  • I have a Sonoff Th16 switch connected to Sonoff Waterproof Temperature Sensor DS18B20. Over the past few days since I installed it, the eWeLink App Intermittently does not display the temperature. If I disconnect the sensor and plug it in again it works sometimes, other times I have to wiggle it, and other times I just have to wait.The sensor plug seems to be kind of loose in the connector on the switch. I will try using a male/female adapter and see if that might tighten up the connection, but I was wondering if anyone has hardwired the sensor to the switch or even if the switch can easily be taken apart. I hate to return the two items and start over. I have two more of each being delivered tomorrow to be used in my second home, and I have high hopes that I will have a reliable way to remotely measure freezer temp. Has anyone had this issue or idea on how to resolve the issue?

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