Have I blown the MOSFETS?

  • A week or so ago I built a sensor to control a strip of RGB LEDs. This afternoon I thought I was going to have some time to myself to wire up the LEDs to the sensor, but things came up and I got distracted. I really wanted to see the strip light up so before going to bed I quickly wired it up, but I accidentally connected power the wrong way, not to the Arduino but to the strip. When I realised what I had done I swapped it around but it won't work. When I disconnected the strip from the sensor and powered the strip another way, the strip worked fine.

    This is my first attempt at creating such a sensor, so I can't be 100% sure that the sketch is correct, so it could be possible that it didn't work for another reason other than frying the MOSFETs. So to those of you who know more about MOSFETs than me, is it likely that they are now damaged to the point that they will no longer work? Is there a way to test them while still wired up to the sensor?

    I'll appreciate any help that can be provided. Thanks!

  • I found a YouTube video that explained how to test them, but my multimeter must not be up to the job. So I created a single led dimmer sensor and hooked it up to the three MOSFETS one at a time to test, and they seem to work as they should. So my issue must be with the sketch.

    Mods, you can delete this thread if you like.

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