Domoticz upgrade clues? - SOLVED

  • Having crashed the system after one too many power cuts (Yes, finally got a UPS part built), reset the Pi3 on the newest Buster build, and from that ran fsck and can now see the contents of the original HDD on the Pi.
    Before I reinstall the same version of Domoticz on the new HDD, any clues to smooth the recovery process as in simple file copy /replacement ?
    Clear enough on the db file replacement, but perhaps I'm being thick as the transitions I've read all all seem targeted at "normal" backups being restored which is not this case here, and the rest presumes expertise in Linux.
    I've no idea of any corruption of the original files as yet but everthing reads in the directory so willing to try transfers and if it fails, start over with some regret.
    Any guidance would be most appreciated...

  • After some faffing around and zero Linux confidence, tried fsck to recover the old setup and drive but still could not get the usual domoticz 8080 screen showing.
    Some scrolling through the Wiki troubleshooting guide later, stopped the service, chown-ed the file permissions, manual test start and the old system was back. Stopped that then started the service properly and it is all back up and running again, so once it has updated all the nodes properly will do a complete backup in preparation for a UPS powered changeover.

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