• I made a thing 🙂

    I used @sunberg84 's LED dimmer and Newbie boards ( ( to make some desk lamps using warm white 5050 LED strips from the ebays.

    All up, it probably cost about $12 AUD to make excluding the 12v power adapter. Luckly I had some old ones laying around. Otherwise the power adapter alone would be more expensive than the lamp!

    I 3D printed the parts to make the lamp in PLA plastic.

    I've been monitoring the temps and the MOFSET seems to make the most heat. If you don't use a heat-sink, it gets to approx 45 deg C with the ambient of approx 20 deg C. With a heat-sink, it's about 30 deg C! I strongly recommend using heat-sinks. Note that the white lamp shade warped during printing, not from use of the lamp!

    It's designed to be a convection pipe which does seem to keep the air moving well. I'm happy with the temps and the PLA plastic especially with the heat sinks on the MOFSET and voltage regulator.

    The lamp draws about 12W when it's 100% on @ approx 1.1A. I'm using a 2A power supplies to be on the safe side.

    If there is any interest, I'll post the designs and BOM on Thingiverse.

    BTW, I've found MySensors to be much more reliable and responsive than the Ikea Tradfri lights I have in my house 🙂

    0_1563245032476_Photo 16-7-19, 12 28 37 pm (1)_edited.jpg

    0_1563245231153_Photo 16-7-19, 12 26 48 pm_edited.jpg

    0_1563245285201_Photo 16-7-19, 12 27 56 pm_edited.jpg

    0_1563245349975_Photo 16-7-19, 12 27 23 pm_edited.jpg

    0_1563246235499_2019-07-16 13_03_07-Autodesk Fusion 360 (Education License).png

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