mysbootloader not working with nano? [solved]

  • Hello,

    did anybody successfully get mysbootloader for fota get to work on a nano? i burned the bootloader via an uno (arduino as isp)... everything seemed to work fine...

    but nothing changes actually - the log on myscontroller says nothing about a new bootloader whenever i try to click the node > settings > Board with mysbootloader i see the functions. when i click anything like "reassign ID" it just reboots with the old ID - when i try to load a new sketch via "assign firmware" it is the same. it just reboots and nothing changed.

    i tried different gateways (rpi and nodemcu), i tried different mysbootloaders with different channels from the github repository, ... it seems to be the same everytime...

    did anybody run into the same issues or has a hint - i tried now for 2 days without progress...

  • ok... i once again report back to my own entry since i became a little smarter.

    i found out 2 things:

    • in the boards.txt i have to set the right fuse-settings. for the 16mhz nano i used:
    • i used a screw-terminal board where the ce and cs pins are switched. in the usual sketch i define
    // Set custom pins for Nano-Radio-Board
    #define MY_RF24_CE_PIN 10 
    #define MY_RF24_CS_PIN 9

    i am sure the mysbootloader needs to know that too... so am i right that i have to compile a new bootloader where i have to put:
    #define RF24_CE_PIN 10
    #define RF24_CS_PIN 9

    i am really having a hard time compiling one since i have zero experience with that and eclipse doesn't seem of much help here. so if anybody can confirm this before i go through this fruitless struggle again i would be very glad...

  • Admin

    @zen85 correct, if the radio pins are different you have to recompile the bootloader.

  • Mod

  • @tekka @mfalkvidd

    ok... some success but not really. The bootloader does not seem to work using my custom-boards where the ce and cs pin are switched? where does one have to put something like:

    #define RF24_CE_PIN 10
    #define RF24_CS_PIN 9

    should it be in the mysbootloader.c? because this did not work... or somewhere else?

    the line "#define SPI_PINS_CE9_CSN10" in the mysbootloader.c also worries me? but just switching the numbers does not work either and throws an error...

  • Admin

    @zen85 You have to create a new CE/CSN definition here and adjust the init code here.

  • @tekka
    EDITED ANSWER*: it worked!

    • it did not work because of a typo... sorry for that....

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