Which (cheap) bulb in 2020?

  • Prices of bulb went dirty cheap. I have bought bluetooth version https://www.ebay.com/itm/15W-LED-bulb-RGB-bluetooth-APP-control-Dimmable-globe-lamp-for-Google-home-Alexa/254349689226 and thinking of connecting to MySensors (have GW or RPi3 and OpenHab2). In my case I need only white color and some dimming capabilities and I was able to crack down the bluetooth protocol, so I can controll it from raspberry via console (but there will not be direct connection once installed due to longer distance).

    There are more than one alternatives how to Mysensorize it:
    1/ disassembly bulb and solder out BT module, then replace it for NRF5 modules - problems - the space is very limited, voltage incompatibility, requires another PCB and probably some pasive electronics
    2/ run extra bluetooth / Zigbee mesh besides the mysensors and let the Controller talk to each network separatelly
    3/ select another bulb where the integration will be easier - which one?
    4/ construct extra node which will be bridge between MySensors and bluetooth

    Which one is the smartest solution in 2020. I have the same task with several other aplication like BT heating valves.
    Thank for your ideas!

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