Is soldering castellated pads on THT pads feasible?

  • Hi guys,

    in my minimal MySensors node I use pins in THT for connecting the Arduino to my PCB.

    Now I wonder if it might work well to use castellated pads on my PCB and solder them on the backside of the Arduino on the respective THT pads, getting rid of the pins for good (saving manufacturing time / material / weight / size).

    Do you think this would give a stable connection?

    Thanks & bye,


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    @Joost said in Is soldering castellated pads on THT pads feasible?:

    castellated pads

    Shouldn't there be castellated pads in the pro-mini to be able to accomplish this? There are regular mounting holes on the pro mini making it risky to try to solder it to a tht pad in my opinion.

  • @sundberg84 Yes, but I wonder if it will also work if I use the regular (round) THT pads from the Pro Mini (as the cheapest and most widely found Pro Minis seem to be like these)

    I'll probably just try it I guess, but of course have to adapt my PCB accordingly to get the castellated half holes. Hope my PCB manufacturer knows what to do with the KiCAD file.

  • Hi,

    just a quick feedback on this; I tried it now with two boards and so far it works pretty well. I'll keep using this technique for my minimal nodes for now. Those are by no means "mission critical" in any way, so a possible failure at some point won't pose a major problem.
    I'll probably post a picture on my entry in the coming days.
    Bye, Joost

  • @Joost Added two photos to the project page. KiCAD/rendering still to follow.

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