Gateway MQTT on raspberry PI 4

  • Hi,

    I have moved my gateway from raspberry 3B to 4. But I have problems with receiving/transmitting. It is very unstable, sometimes it works sometimes not.

    What I have done so far:

    • made sure that the power on the RP. So I have ordered original RP power supply with 5V/3A
    • took voltage from the NRF24 from 5 volts instead 3.3 and included a regulator MP1703 to go to 3.3 volts again
    • check the wiring and connections
    • the NRF has already cap of 4.7 uF on the plus/min
    • I have used the 2.4.0-alpha version and recompiled the gateway with #define MY_RF24_PA_LEVEL (RF24_PA_MAX) (I also tried the other options)

    So, anyone else is using RP 4 and maybe can give me some tips? The RP is connected to an SSD drive and use Zigbee and ZWave adapters (on extension cord)

    Hopefully, someone can help me because I am frustrated 🙂

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