Ethernet Gateway - how reliable is it? which problems and how to avoid?

  • HI All!

    i'm struggling to build the ethernet gateway, using the arduino nano v3.0, nrf24l01 and enc28j60.

    what i'm facing:

    • fixed ip works, dhcp (commenting out the fixed ip) causes compilation error (arduino IDE)
    • having usb cable plugged to nano v3.0 to computer and power supply connected ping works.
    • disconnecting the usb cable, ping stops (power supply and ethernet connected)

    Anyone have it working?
    What can you tell me about?
    Which problems are knowns?
    Is it reliable to be in production (work as expected, without extensive maintenence due errors, etc)?

    Those questions refers to my intention to have it working with minimal intervention once installed and configured, and i don't want to start a learning curve to spend lot of time supporting it.

    Thx for all help you may provide.

  • I think you should stop spamming the same topic in a bunch of different threads.

    In fact, I think mods should merge and/or delete all these secondary threads, and possibly even warn.

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