Water in-pipe temperature sensor

  • Hello,

    I would like to make sensor in the water pipe not at the external of the pipe so the reading would be more accurate but unfortunately I cannot find anything 😞 I was going to make a T-Joint and make something custom.

    Do you have any suggestion? or maybe you know from where can I buy in-pipe temperature sensor?


  • Hello David,

    In plumbing usually we don't have the sensor directly into the water, it is put inside a copper sheath. You should find them at hardware store. Some are short, some are long (for water tanks), and some even have special accessory for cable fixing (second image).
    You need to put in a T designed for your pipe type.
    alt text
    alt text
    You can use thermal paste to increase the thermal conductivity if you want.

    I don't know your application but from experience I can say, for heating, if pipes are copper/steel or if you have metal fittings, outside is ok. Mean value over a defined period of time is important.

    Hope it helps.

  • @David-Pizu-Micallef May be using DS18 waterproof one's

  • @David-Pizu-Micallef FWIW I used ds18b20 attached to the pipe. Copper pipe with sensor and a little heatsink compound and helb by cable ties. I was going to make an encolsure to mimimise draughts and keep it at a more constant temperature but realised that this would also slow the thermal inertia when temps change so didn't do that in the end. It has been working for over 5 years and is good enough to monitor the boiler for heating and hot water.

  • @skywatch Just a little update showing graph of boiler water flow (out from boiler) and return.... Extract from My Controller screen.


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