DIY RFM69 Build

  • Hi,

    After using serveral COTS RFM69HW modules I want to build one DIY. The reason is .... space. Building a DIY module is smaller then a COTS one. With a manufactured PCB is can make a difference in space.

    After studing the RF69 datasheet I have a question. If you look in the datasheet at figure 42 and the layout of the COTS module there is a difference. The datashee shows the schematic of a HW implementation and the picture attached the COTS implementation. You can see the COTS implementation has a N83 (I suspect a transistor) and a G4C (dont know what that is).

    Does anyone know what the purpose is of these 2 components (N83 and G4C). I guess the N83 is for the 130mA power for the boost transmit. But the G4C ...?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello

    Have you seen this thread ? Thery talk about G4C .

    Here is other informations about GaAs

    Not sure to have understood everything 🙂

  • Thanks, yes. I have posted my question in that forum too.
    Found that G4C is sold by LCSC. A N83 replacement is found.
    Now just fabricating the schematic 🙂

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