Stove burner detection

  • Does anyone have an idea for detecting whether a stove burner is on? I have a stove with gas burners.
    I have tried the flame detectors, but the normal flame from the stove is too blue. I want to be able to see a burner that was left on but not wait for the fire that the flame sensors would be good for.

  • @nagelc Heat detection ?
    Most modern stoves have electrical connection for ignition with flame detectors built in to ensure the gas is cut off if it hasn't ignited.
    Although they look like thermocouples poking through just below but alongside the burner head, they must be sealed pressure tubes acting mechanically as they don't shut down if there's an outage and you ignite them externally.
    Perhaps that could be tapped into or the same technique used with pressure switches ?

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    @nagelc or monitor gas flow. That would also detect gas flow when your stove isn't burning, which is an even bigger danger than leaving the fire on.

  • My stove does not have the ignition cuttoff, and it isn't that old. I am getting a newer one soon. Maybe it will have that feature. I would love to monitor the gas flow, but don't want to mess with the gas line.
    I should have thought about heat and not just flame -- good idea. There are some thermal sensors on adafruit that might work, and probably other similar options.

  • There was a similar discussion over on the Blynk forum a few years ago, which might be worth reading....


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