First ever project / first steps in home automation and monitoring

  • Hi

    How to monitor CO2, VOC, temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, light, smoke, motion in a room ?

    I know there are consumer products that monitor these things, but I don't want to buy separate devices to track these values.

    So I am looking for a DIY solution to have these sensors in a single enclosure.

    After doing some initial research, I found out this can be done with an ESP32 controller / ESPhome / home assistant.

    I have no clue to start with all this... if someone more experienced is willing to lend a helping hand please?

    I am interested in monitoring following values for a few rooms :

    • CO2: MH-Z19B NDIR / SCD30

    • VOC: SGP30 / MICS-6814 / TGS8100

    • temperature / humidity / atmospheric pressure : BME280

    • dust (PM 1 / 2.5 / 10) : PMS7003

    • light / luminosity / lux : TSL2561

    • smoke

    • motion / presence

    Is this possible ? If yes, how can I do this ?

    A detailed step-by-step guide (like explained to a 10-year old) is much appreciated.

    If it's not possible on a single board, what is the max amount of sensors I can combine. Because I don't want to hang 3 boxes in each room 😉

    Things I am wondering or looking for :

    • integration with Home Assistant

    • powered with battery or wire?

    • ESP32 ?

    • mounted in a nice enclosure on the wall

    • easy to replace a sensor (after a few years)

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi @wackowizzard. Welcome to the MySensors site.

    Take a look at some of the projects on It will give you many examples of different sensor projects. Most projects just do one thing. Temperature and Humidity or motion are the most common. A few do use many of the sensors you want. See Berk's for example.

    The MySensors framework is supported by Home Assistant.
    Battery or wire power will depend mostly on the power consumption of you sensors. Many can be quite low power and run for years on batteries. This is common topic of discussion in the forums.

    If you read through the "Getting Started" and "Build" sections on the MySensors site, you will get a lot of information and ideas about how to build the sensor you described.

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