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  • Re: 💬 MP3 player with RGB-signal LED (optionally battery powered)

    Re: 💬 MP3 player with RGB-signal LED (optionally battery powered)
    I want to use this for some space 1999 unit around the house it would be great if the
    circuit diagram please
    was available please , just o clarify the battery side of things .
    How do we send asci text to the unit as well please ?? want to pop some sound effect on the sd card ,, yes yes space1999 sound effects

  • @mutantx follow the other link in your link : and you will find the schematic.

  • Hi ,, yes I see that but you have too very closely to see were the green lines go on the breadboard . hoping I get it right ,
    May I ask one last question please
    Commands must be sent as V_VAR1 ? not too sure how to do this , I can see the child
    options I think here
    0 S_UNKNOWN true 1200 -
    1 S_RGBW_LIGHT RGBW test light true 1200 -
    69 S_UNKNOWN true 1200 -
    255 S_ARDUINO_NODE 1.5.4 false 1200 -
    just not sure who start it play a mp3 ? any help much appreciated

    The DFPlayerBat node implements two children

    interface to DFPlayer
    This child is of type S_CUSTOM. Commands must be sent as V_VAR1. Answers from the DFPlayer are sent to the controller as V_VAR2. V_VAR3 is the sleep time in milli seconds. 2. RGB-LED

    The three color pins are connected to PWM outputs of the Arduino, i.e. each color intensity can be set in 256 steps. This child is of type S_RGB_LIGHT and expects a value as V_RGB.

  • @mutantx, sorry for the late reply, but I was on holidays 🙂

    I've no experience with this sketch code, nor the hardware build of this mp3 player.
    Try to contact the author of this player or you can check the general documentation about the use of V_VARx / S_CUSTOM :

    Try to break up things in little pieces when accumulating knowledge about mysensors.
    Big complicated sketches can be overwhelming.
    I start always, when troubleshouting, with the cleanest version of the script, with minimum code required for operation. And then I build it up.

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