Wierd issue with a nano

  • Hello all ,

    I have now 4 nano's in use with my sensor stuff on it, all working fine.
    Today I wanted to make an arduino with a temperature sensor on it.

    But it doesn't want to include on my vera 3

    I tried several radio's ( even one which is definately working on another arduino). I also "burnt" a new bootloader on it. But no luck including it.

    The sketch uploads fine .

    When I upload the "blink" sketch from the example library , the led blinks.

    Besides throwing this nano (clone) away , is there anything else I can do? it's wierd that the blinking sketch works fine.

    Any ideas?


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    @Corvl what do you see on the serial interface?

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    I had a similar issue.
    Clearing the EEPROM helped me out. (see http://www.mysensors.org/build/debug).

  • Thanks for the anwers.

    Clearing the eprom did the Job.


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