VL53L0X with water tanks

  • Is there any problem with vl53l0x laser sensor with water vapours or water in general if I try to use it as water level sensor?

  • @Papari-Das

    See my documentation here for what I did for fuel oil, all will be applicable to water..


  • We have found that TOF type sensors not generally recommended for level sensing of water or other liquids that absorb some of the signal.
    We did some testing on various setup and found that our results were very inconsistent. The only consistent result was if we used a float or put particles in the water.
    Another issue we found was that if you get condensation on the window that is protecting the sensor, it would skew the readings.
    Unfortunately the only real cost effective way to get good reading is still the good old pressure sensor.

  • Just to mention some proven alternative approaches for your research if you haven’t already considered them:

    • float level sensors
    • ultrasonic level sensors
    • capacitive level sensors

  • @Jens-Jensen I've successfully used a 5psi pressure sensor to get raw water tank readings. down to about 1.3m.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @johnnyfp When first read this I was wondering if the signal would be reflected accurately off the surface. Apparently not. I'm currently using float sensors which gives me full and empty. I would like to get a level sensor that was accurate to a centimeter so that I could measure the rate of fill, too.

    My current endeavor is to take this tank gauge put eight magnetic switches around it, and a magnet on the wheel inside. The magnetic switches would be connected to an Arduino nano and I could tell where the wheel is.

    Alas, other projects have higher priority.

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