Can anyone help me with led strip and distance sensor (similar concept to proximity sensor from the website)

  • Hey guys, I just found the proximity / LED ring example on the website as I am trying to do a similar project work with GPS instead of proximity sensor.

    I have a small strip of 7 addressable sk6812 leds and I would like to have them turn on when certain distance has been achieved. I'm looking at the proximity LED ring example but I can't figure out which parts of that sketch could I incorporate in mine.

    I would like to use the LED strip instead and have 3 criterias for 3 preset distances. For example,

    • at 5m turn on led 1 and 2 in blue
    • at 3m turn on led 3 4 5 in yellow
    • at 1m turn all leds in red.

    At the moment I only can use those clunky 5mm leds and void loop looks like this - this turns on the LED if the distance is 5m or less.

            Serial.print(F("Next in range = "));
            Serial.print(shortestDist, 2);
            Serial.println(" m");
            if (shortestDist < 5)   
              digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
              digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
        if (gps.charsProcessed() < 10)
            Serial.println(F("No GPS data."));
        last = millis();

  • Try using the Neopixel library.

    Those should get you started. Basically, instead of having your code directly turn a pin on or off, you tell it to set a color in the library and then run the show() command and the library will do all the pin toggling needed to actually control the LEDs.

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