Serial Gateway problem after update

  • Hi, my Vera Edge was updated to version 1.7.1089, now my relays are not working properly, i can still send the commands from the arduino to change the state, but if i try to click on/off button on the controller´s UI, never happens, seens that they changed the way vera controll the devices.

    There is a way to debug using ssh?

  • @mjunqueira Try to delete the Arduino Relays and pair it again. Prior to pairing flash the node. Perhaps that might fix the issue.

    It has been 24hrs since I have used a Serial Gateway on UI7. I have nothing to complain yet... fingers cross ✌

    Out of curiosity. How is your gateway setup like? e.g: Uno's, Nano, type of Radio, etc? My current setup, I'm using a Nano Pro with a NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless. I'm planing to switch to RF24L01+PA+LNA Antenna version when it comes in the mail.

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  • I think I understand the problem you're having. I have the same problem after upgrading to version 1.7.1089. I don't think its related to Serial firmware update. Because it behaves the same on Ethernet gateway.

    the guys at Vera wants to help but I don't know how to explain this issue to them.

  • @blacey

    just wondering are you having similar issues after the upgrade ? I think its mostly relay actuator that has problem?

  • I was able to use the actuators for a month with the serial gateway, The problem began after vera provided the firmware 1.7.1089, i can send status commands like gw.loadState and gw.send but the incomingMessage callback is not working.

    using the sniffer, i can see that the controller is not sending any message.

    i have tried more than once to remove everything and configure back.

    I´m going to ask vera what they changed in the lastest firmware, hope that they can help us.

  • @mjunqueira What actuators sketch are you using? I manage to get it to work using My Sensor single button actuator relay from the library. I'm having problems using Multi Button array sketch.