21 Sensors from a repurposed Android

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    I have got a drawer full of android phones full of sensors...(how do they manage to get so much into a small package 😉 ).

    Looking for ways to re-purpose I found SensoDuino an already old initiative from Techbitar to (re)use an Android phone for input/output. upload-0799dc21-5c20-4aeb-b8a8-a553d692ee5f

    With the help of a ceech board, a HC-05 bluetooth device and a few wires a multi (21) sensor MySensors node was born.
    upload-448a4dd8-472e-4b0b-894f-0df125ff20e7 upload-71e2bd2d-b111-4cc8-a21c-89e75a8f38ba

    There are some things to take care of.. like Baud rate of the HC-05 and sharing the Rx/Tx pins with the HC-05, nothing really complicated.
    I included the MySensors specifics into the demonstration sketch of SensoDuino and made it work with the sensors I have a purpose for. There are probably very interesting uses for: GPS, Orientation, Gravity, Rotation Vector, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Linear Accelerometer and Magnetometer. 😆 I'm interested in your thoughts.
    I will try to contact "techbitar" to see if there are any new plans, like using the phone display as a Color-Touchscreen sensor...


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    21 sensors in one node! You hold the record. Really smart to reuse old phones.

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    @hek I'm sorry for the 🍎 users.

  • @AWI, that's OK, our iPhones are so reliable (or should I say "expensive") that we don't get to collect them like Andriods. 😁

  • @AWI I'am 🍎 user, but only Mac. I use android phone 😛

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