SerialGateway fails to load avr/eeprom.h to Intel Galileo Gen2

  • Hi all,

    I installed Arduino IDE 1.6.3 and copied all the library files over to the Arduino library as shown in this video. (I omited the libs which are already in place).

    I can upload and run successfully the Arduino Blink sketch to my Intel Galileo Gen2. Good so far.

    When I load and attempt to upload the MySensors example "SerialGateway", it fails with the following message.

    In file included from SAHSerialGateway.ino:16:0:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\MySensors/MySensor.h:19:24: fatal error: avr/eeprom.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    Error compiling.

    What is the root folder of where this eeprom.h file should be placed? Apparently the MySensor header file requires it.

    Any one else is having this problem with a new setup?

  • Admin

    Does the Intel Galileo platform have something similar as Avr's eeprom library?

  • Dear @hek, yes it does have 11kb eeprom .
    If that is similar to AVR, I don't know. Also, this implementation of the eeprom interface is all capital: ```

    #include <EEPROM.h>

    I tried all programmer options in Arduino, like AVR ISP, AVRISP MKII, etc...

    The Intel Pentium ISA SOC is not a ATMEL AVR-like chip. I assume that is the reason why taking this eeprom.h header file will not work - since the Intel SOC is base on a 32-Bit architecture.

    @hek shouldn't we try to implement the standard Arduino EEPROM in the mysensors.h header (and pgmspace.h and wdt.h? Or ought we think about a MySensors version for Intel Galileo 32BIT SOC chips?

  • Admin

    If you look in the development branch the hardware specific code has been moved out of the core library. You could perhaps try to make an Intel Galileo "Hw"-file?

  • @hek Yes, I look into that and send a pull request as soon as there is a prototype.

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