best way to develop for stable and development branch

  • Hardware Contributor

    In my actual setup I user Arduino IDE 1.6 and mysensors with the 1.4 API (Mac OSX)

    Now I like to play with the development branch. This should not affect my stable sketches.

    Which is the best way to do this?


    • cp config-files at startup to set different sketchbook folders
    • install IDE multiple times 👎
    • change to a more professional IDE

    It would be cool to have all libraries in the project folder and no dependencies between them (as it usual in eclipse or visual studio).

    Any ideas appreciated...

  • Admin

    If you use git, all you have to do is
    git checkout master
    git checkout development
    to switch between branches.

    I have a soft folder link from the git project to Documents/Arduino.

  • Hardware Contributor

    If I use github, I can not use the two branches at the same time, isn't it? (Development branch for sketch A and stable branch for sketch B.) I would have to check in and check out between editing sketch A and B? Or do I miss something?

  • Admin

    No, you are right. You cannot work on them simultaneously using the same Arduino IDE.

  • Hardware Contributor

    Found the Eclipse Arduino Plugin

    Libraries are on a project base and you can have multiple open projects.

    Usage is not straight forward but I think I will get used to it.

  • Admin

    Checkout git stash and git merge...

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