Vera UI7 What if a sensor is not reporting?

  • I finally have a couple of temperature sensors working correctly in my setup but I have a question. I've noticed that if the sensor stops reporting (unplugged, out of range, etc) that Vera simply reports its last state. So if I unplug one of my temperature sensors it always shows the last temperature it was at.

    How are people dealing with this issue? Is there something I can add to the sketch to make it show in error or are people writing a scene that says "if sensor doesn't change in x hours send alert."


  • I agree. I like a warning if some node is not responsive.

  • +1
    At least like the battery status icon, but with an red exclamation mark.
    i don't know how to make lua files or programming new scripts but if i found something that can be usefull or editable e post here,soon as i have my battery sensor ready.

  • This should certainly be possible to flag with some code changes to the Vera MySensors plugin. I'm taking a look at trying to merge the main branch and the UI7 versions, so will give it some consideration. Of course, someone else could always beat me to it!

    Would a single value for all sensors be acceptable? I suspect not. In which case you'd need a neat way of specifying this on a per device basis.

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    Wouldn't it be hard to make this type of indication on the build-in devices?
    For the Arduino-device it would be great to have something more visible than the current last-update thing. Maybe also a decent variable/event which could be monitored by PLEG or scene.

  • @hek, No, not at all. Easy to set the status of a Vera device to failed, which gives a visual indication (albeit a somewhat misleading text message) on all versions of the UI (viz. UI5, UI7, and the impeccable ALTUI)


    UI5 device failure.jpg


    UI7 device failure.jpg


    ALTUI device failure.jpg

  • I'm finishing right now my fist battery sensor , and i think i found a solution very consistent using scenes and email luup . in scenes you have that option: battery value below than [x_value].
    if you set the value and add a costume luup file to send an email ,vera will send an email before battery ends.

    i found his luup file but didn't test yet:

  • I did manage to figure out a work around for this problem:

    I created a virtual switch called Dead Node Alert. This gives me a visual switch that shows if all nodes are responding or if one has failed to report.

    I then use PLEG and set two conditions: 1) compares last update vs. current time. If more than x seconds since ANY nodes have reported they flip the switch to off. 2) compares last update vs current time. If less than x seconds since ALL nodes have reported then its flips the switch on.

    So now I don't have to worry about stuff in my freezer spoiling if my temperature sensor does not respond and my freezer quits. Sure beats looking at all the last updates to make sure they are responding.

    If anyone needs example PLEG conditions or inputs let me know. It would be great if this were native to the plugin somehow!

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