My Controller HAALL update (w/ pictures)

  • Hi Folks,

    My controller first version lives...

    Meet HAALL (Home Automation for ALL) yeah, very old school!

    The source is available here. I know this is not the traditional way of releasing code but... give it a shot!

    So far it only reads from sensors and not all message types are implemented. Lot of work still to be done.
    I need to find a way to represent all types of sensors, to be able to send messages to the sensors and build some form of rule engine so I can actually have some automation.

    Some screen shots:



    Questions and feedback are very welcome, I'm guessing a lot of stuff, so some sanity check from peers is most welcome.


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    Can you tell a bit more about the system. I don't quite qet how it is deployed. Do you run it locally on a pc or in outsystems cloud?

  • Hi hek, with pleasure.

    Although this company's platform can be run on premises, on a private or public cloud, this particular free version is running on the company cloud (amazon).

    They provision all you need (iis, database and the platform) to get started in a few minutes and you can even customize your dns entry (with some limitations).

    This free version they offer also forces us to open source the software created with it.

    For me and my pet projects this is not an issue.

    I encourage you to create your personal, install HAALL, download the development tools and look at the code. Or if you prefer we can have a session and I'll walk you through the code, I can surely use some feedback.


  • Hi folks,

    Just lauched a new version of HAALL.

    The code can be found here and if you want to test it for your self just follow the instructions or drop me a line.

    This version has:

    • Support for the 24 sensors of MySensor lib 1.4 (1.5 is commig!)
    • Bi-dircetional communications (HAALL is hosted on the cloud)
    • Secure communications between gateway and HAALL
    • Ability to configure each sensor by message type

    Here are some images of this version


    S_DIMMER detail




    S_HEATER detail


    Set up for S_HEATER


    Future Development:

    • Expand to the 33 sensors of lib 1.5
    • Backup/Restore Configurations
    • Support Charts for data history
    • Dedicated mobile version (responsive is not cutting it)
    • Configure incoming data translation
    • Configure sensor image (default/statis/dynamic)
    • Configure sensor name (sensor type/sketch name/hard coded)
    • ... whate ever comes our way...

    As always FEEDBACK is much appreciated!!!


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