Mysensors and 433 mhz

  • Hello is there any possibillity to put on a 433 mhz transmitter instead, i have a tellstick duo that is conected to my home automation. And i save all logs to mysql.
    So in short words, want to use "mysensors" but they speak 433,92 mhz

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    @sonnyboy Which HA software are you using? It's likely easier to switch to a HA platform that supports both the Tellstick and the MySensors platform such as openHAB. In short, the answer to your first question is yes (using the 433.92 MHz RFM69 modules instead of the NRF modules and some code in development). However, even though they speak the same frequency, the Tellstick hardware and software don't speak the same protocol as MySensors so, without modification, can't communicate. There are other options to have MySensors sensors send data to your Tellstick using the 433.92 MHz frequency, but it's not straight-forward.


  • Thanks for the reply 🙂
    im using Fibaro Homecenter2 as fronted, then i have my old system that is Beyond Measure, its Beyond Measure that saves all data to MySQL. But i had another thought yesterday and i will replace BM and take everything to Hc:2 instead, the founder of BM released a sad news yesterday, he will not keep updating it

  • @Sparkman could you please tell if a 433 Mhz RF link kit can be used instead of NRF24L01 to make a serial Gateway or a Ethernetgateway?
    If works could you please redirect me to the right link where i can find some useful info?

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    @ewgor As mentioned earlier in the thread, MySensors can work with RFM69 modules at 433.92, but most people here are using the NRF24L01+ modules, so you likely get much better help if you use those. Also, if you're referring to other 433.92 modules, you should be able to use them in thory, but AFAIK there are no existing libraries to do so, so you would be treading new ground.


  • @Sparkman thanks man, i finally got 2 nrf24l01 just for testing and now i would like to test an example for a dht11 and 2 relay, can you help me? do i still need something else? i'm trying to follow TimO example but without luck.
    I have an arduino mega and uno too, an ethernet shield and 2 nrf, a few sensors.
    I would like to make a serial gateway or a ethernetgateway and to connect dht11, 2 relays and a sct-013-00. can anyone help me?
    any help would be kindly appreciated.
    thanks all.

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