RSSI and TX power of RFM69HW

  • Hi guys,

    I wonder how to set the transmit power of RFM69HW radios as I couldn't find a hint in the documentation.
    Also the newly implemented RadioHead framework supports reporting the RSSI of the radio itself. Is there a way to access it? It would be nice to know how far radios be can placed apart before signal strength is too weak.
    Also the tx power could be reduced to save some energy on battery powered nodes, if you now how good the incoming signal is.


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    We're using lowpowerlabs version of the RFM69 library as low level implementation.

    You might wanna check with Felix if he has any plans implementing these features. RSSI and tx power sounds like a nice features.

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    Searching RFM69.cpp shows there is an rssi variable already being defined and a RFM69::readRSSI() method available. Seems like a trivial mod to expose that into the public API of the MyTransportRFM69 class. There is also a readTemperature() method on RFM69 - I wonder if that could be used as a temp sensor for free? I'm waiting on my RFM69 radios to try them out - I'll add those methods to the class and give them a try when mine come in.

  • Hi, I stumbled across this thread looking for exactly what you were describing back a year ago: I would really like to add RSSI info for my RFM69HW connected node to be displayed by my Controller (Home-Assistant). Were you (or anyone) able to implement something like this into your (their) MySensors setup? If so, could you please give a brief explanation what I'd have to do to get it working myself? Maybe it's even naturally supported by 2.0 already and I just haven't found out how to access it?
    Thanks! I'm still fairly new to Arduino and MySensors btw.

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    not available yet, but soon. stay tuned 😉

  • @scalz
    Thanks for the reply, that sounds great!