RGB-3D only showing 1 dimmer, not 3 in Vera

  • New to MySensors - built an ethernet gateway and connected it to my VeraEdge running UI7. Works fine as far as I can tell đŸ™‚

    Then I built an analog RGB LED strip controller, using an Uno clone and a protoshield to wire it up. The strip works fine with a simple RGB test sketch, so the hardware is working. Then I loaded the RGB-3D sensor sketch from the latest 1.5 update. I hit the include button in the Vera interface (I didn't build a hardware one on my gateway) and rebooted the RGB node. Vera showed 2 devices detected and in my dashboard, a repeater and a red dimmer channel (an on/off button and a dimmer slider, both of which control one color on the node) appeared. That one channel is working great - however, I'd sorta like to control all 3 colors!

    How do I get the other 2 channels to appear?

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    try the include process a few more times. If the rest of the devices don't show up maybe you could try to add some delay between the gw.present in the RGB sketch.

  • Thanks, I'll give that a try when I get home. I did include twice I think, with nothing adding the second time. So I'll try a couple more and then adjust the RGB sketch if needed.

  • hi,

    did you try to look your serial consol to see if you had st=fail ?

    this sketch present 4 devices

  • The RGB node isn't connected to a pc, so how do you check the console on it? The way I have it wired, it's getting power from the LED strip, so I'd have to disconnect the lights to connect it over USB.

    Oh wait, I have to do that anyway to update the sketch, so I can check it then... but is there a way to see the console wirelessly?

  • if you have a great android phone, you can also using OTG cable with 'UsbTerminal' app.. nothing wirelessly..
    but of course try just after up a sketch on your arduino before disconnect from your pc

  • Thanks - I do have OTG cables. Can you connect that way via USB while the arduino is getting power via Vin (12V from the LEDs)? I thought you can't use Vin and USB at the same time.

  • You can use at the same time yes

  • Thanks - found out the same thing googling after I posted the question.

    Thanks all for your off-topic help! Can't wait to get home and get this thing working.

  • Solved!

    It was a hardware problem - I didn't put caps on the radio on the gateway or RGB node originally. I added them and the node added perfectly. I guess I got lucky originally that even the 2 devices appeared on the first try.

  • @timropp Also remember if your gateway is using a long range antenna make sure it has enough power I have had that problem also. You may get some inclusion but not others.

  • Nope, just standard squiggle-antenna radios for me so far.

  • Great, have you get the 4 devices ?
    I hope you will like this sketch, specialy the color cycle đŸ™‚

  • I got 5 devices - the 3 R, G, B dimmers, a repeater, and the swirl on/off. However, for some reason my swirl doesn't work. Haven't spent any time messing with it, but clicking that button on Vera just turns on one channel of lights and clicking that button off does nothing. I had to use the matching dimmer to turn it off.

    Not sure why, didn't spend any time tracking that down - for now I just needed the dimmers and they work great so I didn't dig đŸ™‚

  • strange..
    the On/Off button is for start/stop color cycle (rainbow), but is very slow, and start with red color only..
    maybe try to wait a bit more..
    when you click it Off, it's stop the color cycle, save state and return actuals color to controler..
    anyway, I'm glad you like it

  • Yep, the cycle does work. I just wasn't patient enough đŸ™‚ I 'd assumed it was a faster swirl (didn't look at the code, just assumed).

    Now just gotta actually run my LED strips in place and then it'll all be great! Thanks again for the help.

  • What is the actual solution to this problem? I have the same problem (mysensors v2 (dev)) and domoticz.
    I have 2 RBG-3D nodes, the first one is showing all dimmers and works perfect, but when i added the second one i only get "Present Blue" and the "show" button.

    Under the mysensors hardware in domoticz the second RGB node display "Name: unknown, Sketch name: Unknown".