Generic text variable type

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    I want to be able to send text messages to node which have a display. Or vice versa have the sensor send plain text to the controller.

    A text device is a very flexible "sensor" and was suggested on the Domoticz forum.

    In my case this would be sms type status reporting and reporting of very complex non standard sensor information (robot actions). I realize that the S_CUSTOM/V_VAR type could be used but this is hard to handle by controllers as there is no standard way of handling the type.. @hek any reason to not include a S_TEXT/V_TEXT type? 😉

  • Hello,
    I'm interesting about sending or receive text through a node for exemple to receive informations to write to a LCD or OLED screen... I've read about V_TEXT type but I don't found any example with text and LCD example or description, or idealy Build example... do you have ideas for How to do this ?
    (sorry, my engliish's very bad, I know... oups !)

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    V_TEXT already exists in version 2.0 : see in the code, or in Doxygen ! 😛

    But because of the NRF24L01 limitation, the maximum payload size is 25 bytes!.
    This means that V_TEXT messages would be limited to 25 characters, which could be too short in some case.

    Maybe Mysensors could split longer V_TEXT in multiple messages when sending, then recomposing it when receiving ie:

    "Here is a sentence longer than 25 characters that should be splitted."

    Could be encoded into messages like this :

    1;0;0;47;Here is a sentence lon;1;4
    1;0;0;47;ger than 25 characters;2;4
    1;0;0;47; that should be splitt;3;4

    Then it would be automatically decoded at the arrival.

    This way V_TEXT message would be limited to 23*255 characters (more than enought), without writing complicated code from the controllers or in the sketch !

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    @medline2c there are a few examples on the forum scrolling text

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    @soif this has been discussed when the V_TEXT was introduced.

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    @AWI Thank you very much for poiting me to this interesting project.

    If it has been discussed, it has not been solved, wasn't it? I've read @John proposal, which sounds really similar to mine.

    Any progress or decision from the maintainers about this ?

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    No, nothing has been done to the long-text thing.

    Long message (chunking) support should probably be implemented in a more general way (working for all V-types)

  • @soif
    It's great but I'am not in Version 2.0 but in V 1.5 API... how to update to 2.0, I don't found the link to do this ... or I don't understand something ?... could you say me ?

  • An other question: I use Jeedom 2.0.1 ... do you know if Jeedom compatible with V_TEXT ?...

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    2.0.0.beta can be found here:

    I don't know much about what Jeedom supports unfortunately.

  • Jeedom support only 1.5 Stable branch ... Do you confirm me that it isn't compatible with V-Text usage ... ? ;-(

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    V_TEXT became available after 1.5. So it will probably not show up any devices for S_INFO/V_TEXT.

  • Thanks, I'll install a domoticz again to my NAS Synology... I don't have choice if I want to use V_TEXT... 😉
    So I don't know how to communique between Jeedom and Domoticz efficiantly, I'll search...
    Great !...

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