Can't detect device Error

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this great plugin and Library.

    Yesterday I connected My Serial GW and One Node with DHT22(One Temp And one Humidity) These are OK and showing correct in Vera.
    But the plugin is always showing the following error :

    Can anyone help me figure out what this is
    I'm Using 1.6.5 Arduino and 1.5 MySensor lib. Downloaded plugin from your website Yesterday(2015-09-07)
    Controller is a VERA EDGE And I asume it has UI7

    I also Noticed that I don't have this mysensor picture
    can it be something with my install ??

    Or must I use the UI7 Branch ?


  • Admin

    Yes, use UI7 branch to get rid of error and enhance gui experience.

  • I will try.
    Do I need to erase the files I uploaded or will these be overwrited ?

  • Thanx

    That did it :)

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