Need feedback/help to design an API

  • Hi there,

    I am currently busy designing a MySensors API. This project is named OhMySensors and is available at Don't mind the front-end code yet.

    This is basically a node.js application acting as a controller, and as a storage layer for the data sent by the sensors. All the data is available through a WebSocket API, documented on the Wiki.

    Do you think the API is well designed? Would you change something? If there are some front-end devs around here, would it be easy for you to build a front-end based on this API?

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

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    OhSoSweet... 🙂

    Haven't tried jsblocks myself... better check it out.

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    a good API for the outside is the one I interface to Domoticz:

    It has a lot of common functionalities in all home automation controllers (Vera, Fibaro, ....) plus independant as Philipe Hue, Netatmo...

    Here you just collect data, are you going to make a datahub ? there should be a cllient interface such as the one described above to expose it to the outside world.

    I thought, but didn't finish, something to make a UIless controller, that Imperihome could query, thus reducing the maintenance of both end UI.

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