Some Advice for my mysensor project please.

  • my situation:

    I have a lot of questions and I need some advice to go futher. The questions are marked with a Q and number for easy replying.
    I have bought a few sensors, nano's and the esp07s are coming. Also soldering a voltmeter, wires, prototype boards, breadboard. (All bought thanks to mysensors 😛 )
    All the nano's and sensors I have tested with the example sketches and they are working stable in my domoticz.
    but I'm not sure of my ideas are possible and if this is the best way to accomplish my goals.
    My plan is to realise my project and update this on my topic. A little how to.


    USB nano3 gateway with big antenna on my PI that is working fine.

    The gateway is 50 cm from my water meter and controller but a gateway can not ack as a sensor.
    Q1: is this true are there no options to have 1 device for multiple goals? a esp/mysensor gateway or something?
    That's a shame because I want to replace my working PI with Piface that is connected to:
    a pulse meter for water
    a switch to my buva remote controller


    I have a carport with an electric garagedoor.
    a few goals:
    1: control (up/down/stop)
    2: check (what is the current position?)
    3: parking sensor. So I know if I drive far enough so i can close the door.

    1: relay
    1 click on my remote is open another is stop and another is close.
    q2: I have an extra wireless remotecontroller, and a wired on and spare inputs on my Ecostar motor (hörnbach version of hormann)
    There are advantages to a certain way?
    Q3: - but when the door if fully opened it skips the stop function.
    Is this stable enough when it misses a switch or something?
    Q4: - when the sensor crashes of had no power the door must not change. I have metered the relay on my mysensors and when I power off the sensor it's always open.
    Q5: - Only the gateway must open the door. what kind of security is possible? so that not everyone with an NRF24L01+ something can open my door.

    2: distance meter1
    this measures where the door is in the rail. when distance is 250 the door is fully closed
    when lower then 250 for example 150 the door is opened a meter.

    3: distance meter2
    continue measurement when door status changed to open.
    (then I drive inside, so It must be measuring and controlling the led for a minute)
    when distance is less then 100cm the red LED is ON
    4: led
    I don't need this information sended to my gateway.

    Q6: is this possible on 1 nano 3? or can I better choose for esp07 ?
    Q7: wireless in my carport is very poor, But I don't know if NRF24L01+ is better. but they can repeat.
    Q8: Would the combination of the different sketches to big and complex for the nano?

    extra info and examples for myself.

    attic already working fine.
    temp-hum and motion sensor.

    only thing to do is (low prio):
    power usage from washing wasmachine
    and temperature of water to the douche from boiler.
    enable repeater mode
    and update mysensor version

  • Admin

    So many questions... And many of them is hard to answer without testing+playing around.

    1. Coming soon. "gateway-refactoring-branch" will soon be merged into development-branch. Try now if you want.

    2. ?

    3. ??

    4. Relays usually have bot NO/NC outputs. Not sure I understand what you mean fully.

    5. Yes, see the signing support in library.

    6. Probably works on a nano but you have to test yourself.

    7. Hard to answer. Guess testing in your environment is the only way to know.

    8. Same answer as 7