Where do i find info on sending/receiving values from sensor to Domoticz

  • Say I build a node with a analog sensor (light, sound, water or whatever). Say that these analog sensors gives the arduino on the node a value in the range between 0-1024. I would like to learn what the node will be sending to Domoticz and what kind of values Domoticz would like to receive.

    Im hoping on using some of the arduino sketches and altering them so that I can build my own type of nodes/sensors. The 2.4gHz sending bit I belive is out of my league but I would like to know what type of value Im sending.

    So, does anyone know where I can start reading. Is there any "clean" sketch out there that is a good start point for sending my own values? Any good place to start reading about Domoticz value format?

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