Only one Client connects to MQTT-Gateway

  • Is there only one client allowed to be connected to the MQTT-Gateway at the same time?

    When I connect a MQTT-client on my PC to subscribe to the MQTT-Gateway everything works fine and I get messages.
    Now I power on my Rasperry with OpenHAB --> OpenHAB can't connect to Gateway.

    The other way round it is the same.
    Power on OpenHAB --> connected with gateway
    MQTT-Client on PC --> Connection not possible.
    Power off OpenHAB --> MQTT-Client on PC can connect.

    Is there a configuration to allow multiple connections or am i doing something wrong?

  • Hardware Contributor

    Did you search for MQTT in the forum? I think this thread answers your questions.

  • Yes I searched for MQTT and i also found that thread, but unfortunately skipped the important part of that thread :-(

    This is the answer that I searched for.

    Thank you

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