Arm / by-pass message not broadcast-ed to MySensor module

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    I was busy creating a security type of sensor which i needed to set in the arm and by-pass mode.
    However Vera showed the correct status (arm/by-pass) the sensor was not aware that it was by-passed.

    Looking trough the Vera: I_Arduino.lua code i did figure out the setArmed on caused a local variable update.

    Bij adding a sendCommand function call my mysensor gets an update on setArmed. This is the new code (MySensors version 1.4.1):

    -- Security commands
    function setArmed(device, newArmedValue)
       -- Line added by BartE
       -- Add ends
    	setVariableIfChanged(tVarTypes.ARMED[2], tVarTypes.ARMED[3], newArmedValue, device)

    In a sketch running on an Arduino one can handle the setArmed like this

    void incomingMessage(const MyMessage &message) {
        if (message.type==V_ARMED) {
               bArmed = message.getBool();
               // Do something wise with the global bArmed boolean

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    You might very well be the first one using the ARMED command. 🙂

    See my previous comment about creating a pull request for this change so others can use it as well.

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    Nice 🙂 I did make both pull requests

  • Admin

    Both merged! Thanks.

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