What's up with gateway code on github ?

  • What happened to all the Gateway examples on github? When I look at the ino files they are all very basic and all the same.


  • You are probably looking in the development branch?
    There is something ongoing on the dev branch thats called "gateway-refactoring" whatever this means. :D

  • Admin

    The gateway examples in development branch looks a bit empty but works fine.

    All features is controllable from sketch by defines. And you can now attach sensors directly to the gateway itself.

    There will be more a comprehensive documentation when this is released. In the meantime you can have a look (and comment) this document:


  • @hek Thank for the update, it looks very interesting.

    I have been working on a ESP/MQTT sketch using the ESPWIFI Gateway and the subpub library. I will try the sketch in the development branch. I'm sure you have workout everything I am having problems with :)



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