433MHZ Weather Station by Acurite

  • First of all i would like to say thanks for all the help in the past its totally appreciated.

    I have a weather station from Acu-Rite
    Approved Operating Frequencies
    App ID443730, Approval Date: 04/07/2014
    Grant Notes FCC Rule Parts Frequency
    Range (MHZ) Output
    Watts Frequency
    Tolerance Emission
    15.231(e) 433.92 - 433.92
    I am trying to connect this into my Vera and need help, i| have read all the information but cant get this to work, actually I cant even get the sniffers to pick it up. What am i doing wrong, need some brain support.
    I have both the nanos and the unos and tried both with a cheap 433mhz trans/rec.

  • @Newzwaver

    Start here for methods on sniffing the code.

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